Workshop or Topical Submission Guidelines

The deadline for topical and workshop submissons has now passed, any re-submission is not permitted.


Nurse Practitioners are warmly invited to submit a workshop or topical session and contribute to the ACNP 2013 Conference Program.

The ACNP conference is an opportunity for new researchers / clinicians to present their findings and the conference organising committee is eager to assist in the development research and education for Nurse Practitioners.


Submissions must be original contributions and may be related to:

   Clinical practice / case studies / service delivery
   Program Evaluation / Review of Resource Delivery / Quality Improvement Activity

There will be clinical streams each day following the morning plenary sessions. These streams will cover the following topics and areas of practice:

   Primary Care
   Pain and Palliation
   Acute Care and Rehabilitation
   Chronic Disease
   Aged Care
   Mental Health

Workshop/Topical Session submissions should involve the Chair and a maximum of three to four presenters. In each case the nominated Chair of the session will be responsible for submitting all material and for all correspondence with the Secretariat.

The Topical Sessions / Workshops may be for 60 or 90 minutes.    


Colleagues and mentors are available to assist with your submission should you require help in:

   How to introduce your work
   How your innovative clinical practice / Quality Improvement activity links with best-practice guidelines
   How to conclude

If a research topic:

   What data to include
   How to best present data or topic
   How to link your research to clinical practice

Please feel free to contact the Secretariat should you require this assistance.


   Only online abstracts will be accepted. Submit your workshop or topical session on line. 
   The nominated chair of the workshop/topical session will be responsible for collating and submitting all material for the workshop/topical session and for all communication with the Conference Secretariat

   Workshop/topical sessions will be allocated 60 or 90 minutes within the conference program and should involve the Chairman plus a maximum of three to four presenters

   The Chairman complete the application form on-line and will nominate the speakers and the titles for each presentation in the session, giving names, contact details and short biographies of all presenters in the session

   The Chairman is responsible for coordinating all presenters in the session and integrating the presentations

   The Chairman’s submission must be accompanied by a Workshop/Topical Session summary, which will include: 

    -  Discussion of Session content

    -  Target audience

    -  4 key learning objectives

   The summary should be a maximum of 300 words (please note that individual abstracts from presenters are not required)

   Workshop/topical Sessions that include speakers from varied institutions will be given preference over submissions that include speakers from a single institution

   The Conference Convenor and the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners Conference Committee will be responsible for reviewing the applications for Workshop/Topical Sessions


The deadline for Topical and Workshop Submissions is Friday 3 May 2013.  Notification of acceptance or otherwise will be made in May 2013. 

All presenters and chairs must register for a minimum of one day of the conference by the Early Bird Registration Deadline 19 July 2013, or the Workshop/Topical Session will be withdrawn from the program

There is no funding for submitted workshops/topical sessions. If this policy precludes your session being accepted for the program please contact the Secretariat.

If you have any questions please contact the Conference Secretariat. 

Email:  Tel:  02 9954 4400


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  • Menarini Australia

  • Nursing and Allied Health Rural Locum Scheme

  • Pfizer

  • Wicking Dementia Research & Education Centre
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